Responsive website design

What is responsive web design or fluid website layout ? Does responsive website layout is a must?

In simple terms a responsive web design is like a fluid, no matter what your device is it will adopt it.It gives better user experience throughout all devices including mobile phones, tablets, laptops and of course desktop computers.

responsive web design

With increasing use of mobile devices people are rely on phones and tablets to browse and shop online. Study shows that there is an increase of 53% of online users switching from desktop to mobile devices compared to last year. That is a huge jump. What does that mean for you if you are a website owner or if you would like to have a website ? It means if you do not have a website designed in fluid layout (Responsive design) lesser people will access your website as a result of poor user experience and search engine value.

Another important fact is that if you have a responsive website, Google and other search engines are more happy to include your website in their search results.

Years back website are designed in fixed layout, and there was almost a magic number, 980 pixels in width. Because this will cater most of the screen sizes of that era. Technology is changing fast, with retina display and wide screen monitors as well as mobile displays, a fixed width website will no longer valid. It is just outdated.

This was not happened over night. There had a period of transition in which web design companies were forced to create multiple version of the same website for different devices. There was a desktop website and and mobile website. This is over you do not need to maintain 2 website version anymore. Thanks to HTML5 and CSS3.

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