Logo Design Process

Here is how we process a simple logo design order from a client. When it comes to branding a lot of elements like color palette, font family etc are taken more seriously. We are here just covering the basic steps. The first and the most important step of creating a professional logo is to get as much as information from the client. Here one of our client asked to create a logo for “RYZ transportation services”. Client want the logo to be “text based” and black themed with gold and silver as main colors.

Many people even some designers right away open software like illustrator and start creating the logo. We have a different approach, we need to conceptualize and come up with a rough idea. Then those ideas will be drawn using The Most Sophisticated Tools –  pencil, paper and eraser.

Once we have the basic concept, we will bring those ides into Adobe Illustrator. It is very important to use a vector program rather than a bitmap based software like Adobe Photoshop. The reason is simple, a vector logo can be scaled to any size without losing the quality and this format is ideal for large scale printing.

While digitizing, logo designer will add elements to make it better. In this case the logo designer has introduced the concept of momentum by adding the speed lines on top of already slanted letters.

The next step is to complete the main iconic letters, as you can see below. The logo designer may even try out some color options to check how this look even before proceeding further. Below is the completed logo.

Above image is the version that client liked. Though it seems simple there are lots of other process involved. It is not necessary the client like your first concept. That is why we offer unlimited revisions for logo design until client approves it.

Here is some of the sketches done by our logo designers during the conceptualization stage.