Logo design Price

Startup Logo Design

1 Concept by 1 designer

4 variations

2 revisions

Business Logo Design

2 Concepts by 2 designers

6 variations

5 revisions

Corporate Logo Design

3 Concepts by 2 designers

9 variations

Unlimited revisions

Ultimate Logo Design

4 or more concepts by a group designers

12 variations

Unlimited revisions

*Concept = Design by 1 artist. 2 concept means 2 artists will create 2 different designs.

*Variations = Each artist will create variations from their original design. For example: Business package – you will get 6 designs initially, then you can ask for revisions on one logo you will select. Unlimited Revisions = Within 1 month of starting the project.

Logo Design : Files we deliver

Do you want more! No problem!

Once you approve the final art work, we will send you the whole package includes the logo source files, vector files, Illustrator logo files, together with any other file format you required regardless of which logo design package you have chosen. The vector logo files can be scaled to any size without losing quality or pixelation. This is used for high quality printing. If you need any particular file format please let us know, we will prepare for you; HAPPILY 🙂