How to access your website email on your phone

If you are a small business owner, having company website or running a eCommerce online shop, it will be handy if you can access your emails on your phone. There are different ways you can do that however I will show you the easiest.

First, open your Gmail app and go to settings.

Click on Add account

Select Personal (IMAP/POP)


Click next and enter your website email address then click next.
Select Personal IMAP again.  Click next and enter password.


Click next . If you see a errro message regarding security, please choose “STARTTLS accepts all certificates” as security type.

Now you will be asked to select the frequency of syncing your mail to your phone inbox. you can choose whichever appropriate for you. There will be one last screen asking for Your Name, please note that this is what the recipient will see. A good way to do this is to set this as your website name or company name.

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